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Thread: Pokemon Rangers(Basics)

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    Pokemon Rangers(Basics)

    Foreword by bignds: Mario_Famous brings us an in-depth preview of the upcoming Pokemon Ranger game.
    Note: Thread May Under Go Updates

    My first opinion about this game was I thought it sucked. I thought this because when the first shred of news came out about it, it said that you could only use 1 pokemon at a time, from the news I read recently, that is totally wrong. This thread will tell you just about everything you need to know about Pokemon Rangers.

    Pokémon Ranger is an action RPG for the DS. In Rangers you start out as a newbie Pokémon Ranger and must travel the lands helping out people & Pokémon eventually becoming a better Ranger. Like in Mysterious Dungeon, the more missions you complete, the higher your rank goes.You are hired by the Ranger Leader of Ring Town in order to protect people, Pokémon & nature itself. However this is not done by battling people in the tried and true Pokémon Battles, this is done by gathering Pokémon and using their special abilities to help do tasks througout the new land of Fiore. Things are not as easy as they seem, while you journey around Fiore and help People & Ranger Leaders out, there is a organization called Team Go-Go going around Fiore and causing problems and you have to stop them. Catching Pokémon is also completely different, instead of battling them, you take temporary control of them with a Capture Styler. Once obtained,you are able to use them to help out once. Only 210 of the known Pokémon are catchable in this game, however event given missions allow for many more Pokémon including the elusive Manafi to be caught or even seen =/

    The Game Mechanics
    Pokémon Ranger makes use of game mechanics entirely different from all the other Pokémon games.In this game, you play as a newbie Ranger in the land of Fiore,under the Ring Town Leader Hayate. Different Ranger Leaders include Joe from Fall City, Kamuri from Summerland, and Erida from Wint Town, all serves under the Ranger Union where Prof. Shinbara is the top technical consultant, and is actually the person who made the Capture Styler.

    There is a fixed set of missions for you to do, which you complete in order to build your Ranger Rank level. The Ranger Rank level, as described above, unlocks the avalability of certain types of Pokémon Assist, increases the number of wild Pokémon you can bring, and also raises the energy cage numbers of your partner.

    Your partner is Minun if you pick the male Ranger, and Plusle for the female Ranger. Either way, the opposite gender Ranger will be your companion on and off in the game, and many occasions, the two of you will go on missions together. In the land of Fiore, you catch Pokémon with the help of a machine known as the Capture Styler (together with the Capture Disc) instead of pokeballs.

    The Styler has an HP bar, indicated at the top of the screen, and you will have to start from your last save point again if it gets reduced to zero.

    Wild Pokémon in Rangers stay in a rather limited area in their habitat, which means if you find a Pikachu near the entrance of the Lila Forest, it will always be there, unless you have captured it and are taking it along with you of course, but after you have used Pikachu and it leaves, you go back to where you found it, it will still be there. It's really not that big a deal to find Pokémon you need, because they won't migrate to another spot. What do you do with the captured Pokémon? There are various obstacles along your way in the missions which require certain powers to clear, and to use a Pokémon's power, you have to capture it and put it in your team first. Another reason for capturing Pokémon is to use it during Pokémon Assist for capturing stronger Pokémon. Both kinds of usage will release the Pokémon afterwards, but as said above, the Pokémon will simply return to where you found it. At the beginning, you can only bring 4 wild Pokémon with you, but as your Ranger Rank increases, you will be able to bring a max of 7. However, until the credits roll, you will be forced to release all the Pokémon once you exit that particular region, as you are not allowed to bring Pokémon outside the habitats according to the Ranger regulations. The bad guy of the game is Team Go-Go headed by Ragou, who is actually an old friend of Prof. Shinbara who got jealous of the professor's fame. Team Go-Go stole a newly devloped Super Styler from Prof. Shinbara at the beginning of the game, and made their own Power Styler from the model. Ragou used it to catch the legendary dogs Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, and you must free them. Throughout the game, you will be confronted by various Team Go-Go admins and members, which unleash their Pokémon at you. To beat them, you simply catch their Pokémon with your Styler, and set them free afterwards. After you have beaten Ragou and freed the beasts, some Team Go-Go remnants will anger the legendary Pokes Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza, which serve as extra missions after the end credits roll. The full completion of the game comes after you have completed the Ranger Browser of 210 Pokémon. When you have done so, you will see a special animation at the Ring Town Ranger Base where everyone you know come to congratulate you, and Hayate gives you the Completion Emblem.

    Catching Process with assist

    Places in Fiore
    Pokémon Ranger, like the last spin-off, Mysterious Dungeon, is in a whole new land in the Pokémon world, Fiore. Fiore is very distant from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn & Orre and it is a mountainous place close to the sea. Here are some of the areas of Fiore.

    Ring Town is the place you start in. It has a group of Rangers led by Hayate who recruits you into being a Pokémon Ranger. Ring Town is by Raira Forest where the first Mission takes place.

    Raira Forest

    Raira Forest is by Ring Town. In it you begin your first
    mission as set by Hayate to test your Ranger Skills.

    Fall City

    Fall City is on the east coast of Fiore and has the major port of the region. Fall City has the Lucky Clock Tower in the North and has a group of Pokémon Rangers led by Joe & Aria

    Summer Town

    Summer Town is kinda mysterious and is a tourist spot. It is by a huge Jungle which holds many unique species of Pokémon. It also has a set of ruins. The Ranger Union here is led by a guy called Kamuri.

    Summer Land Ruins

    The Ruins in Summer Land are a perfect place for any newbie Pokémon Ranger to test their skills, get Wild Pokémon to aid you and just practice your skills.

    Shikura Mountains

    The Shikura Mountain Range is to the North of Fiore. At the peak of the Mountain is an ancient sacred Shrine which never opens. There are different kinds of Wild Pokémon here that might be able to aid you.

    Win Town

    At the bottom of the Shikura Mountain Range is Win Town, a town with stone built houses to fight the cold climate. Win Town's Ranger Union is led by a women called Erida.

    The Beaches…
    Fiore has a vast amount of Beaches...these Beaches contain rare and unique Pokémon Species.

    The Obstacles of Pokemon Rangers

    In Pokémon Ranger, an important point of the game is to clear obstacles along the journey so you can move foward, which you do by depending on the field abilities of many Pokémon. There are 9 field abilities featured in Rangers, and aside of Cross and Flash, the other 7 have intensities going from one to three.

    Different Pokés will have different field abilities, and those of higher evolution stages will have higher intensities of the ability. Like, Torchic's Burn ability is at intensity 1, while that of Combusken's is 2, and then Blaziken's at 3. After they clear the obstacle, they will leave from your roster. =/

    Each obstacle can only be cleared by one Pokémon, which means an obstacle requiring 3 Burns, you can only use a Blaziken or another fire type with Burn x 3 to clear it. Using three Torchics, each with Burn x 1, wont work at all. If the Pokémon your using fails to clear the obstacle, let's say your using a Torchic to clear a 3x Burn obstacle, Torchic will stay on your team, because it did not really served its purpose yet.

    A good note is that, Pokémon with abilities with higher intensities may clear lower intensity obstacles, which means a Blaziken may clear an obstacle requiring 1 Burn, 2 Burns or 3 Burns. Blaziken will still leave after clearing a 1 Burn obstacle or 2 Burn obstacle, because its done it’s job in this case.

    When you have cleared an obstacle, the obstacle will stay cleared when you come back, unless you fight Entei, Raikou, and Suicune at the Fiore Temple and see the credits roll, which will reset all obstacles. In cases where you have to clear a gauntlet of obstacles to get to a certain spot, once you've cleared one obstacle and realize that you don't have a Pokémon that clears the following, you don't have to bring a Pokémon that clears the first obstacle again the next time you come back. To use a Pokémon's ability to clear an obstacle, simply press on the Pokémon, and draw a line towards the obstacle, the game will ask for
    comfirmation on using the Pokémon. Say yes to confirm, or no to change your mind. For Pokémon that Charge, just pressing on the Pokémon will bring up the question.

    Obstacles and the types

    There a lot of things in the game to burn away along your journey, going from haystacks, metals or ice cubes.

    Water: At the beginning of the game, you and your leader Hayate, will use Mudkips to extinguish fires on trees, but that is the only time you will use this ability. After this it is just used for, growing plants for climbing or cooling lava. It can also wake up Geodudes of Gravelers who may disguise themselves at ordinary rocks when they see you.

    Charge:No obstacles don’t need to be charged, but it is one of the most important abilities in the game, it is used for recharging your Capture Styler's HitPoints(HP), which drops when it is hit by Pokémon during capturing. Pokémon with Charge x 1 give 5 HP, those with Charge x 2 give 15, those with x 3 fully recharge your Styler. Electric Pokés are scattered all over the game in many areas, make sure to get some before big captures.


    Usually rocks or boulders are cleared by this ability, the intensity is from 1 to 3. On certain events, this ability can be used to make openings into caves.

    Tackle: Mostly used for shaking trees (x 1) to find hidden
    Pokémon up there, or hitting down huge trees (x 3) to make a
    bridge for crossing rivers. It is important for finishing your Ranger Browser since some Pokémon are only found in trees.


    Usually used for cutting fences and bushes,
    intensities ranges from 1 to 2, and rarely 3. All the sign posts can be busted up by Cut x 1, it doesn’t serve any purpose at all though.

    Gust: An ability used for finding hidden Pokémon more than
    clearing obstacles. Pokes like Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Parasect, and sometimes Lotad are buried when you find them. Depending on the intensity needed, you unearth them to fight and catch them.

    Cross: The most important abilities for moving foward in the game. It is the only obstacle that is needed clearing all the time (the others stay cleared until the credits roll again), the vine that aids you cross will not stay at the spot, and you must bring a Pokémon with the ability when you comr back the same place.This ability does not have intensities, it’s always x 1.

    Flash: Minor ability that is needed once in the beginning of the game. Staryu is the only Pokémon in the game to have this ability, it’s used to illuminate the store room in Prof. Shinbara's research lab. Its intensity will always be x 1, and you rarely see this anymore in the game.

    Updated, still more to come.

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    This thread isn't really going to be active until the game is actually out in the US. I'll be updating this thread soon since I have some new material.

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