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Thread: Deathnote Info Needed!! :d

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    You bugged me on Aim before. It didn't take much googling to find your blog.

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    So but if you read the whole thing then you would have known that I had a 13th birthday in the hospital

    Hello my name is Arthur, I have a mac and I use it to make videos and post on forums!

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    ^^ I think perhaps ya just don't sound your age.

    Ahh Death Note's not so bad. They're just milking the franchise now with L's movie coming out soonish though. I found it very hard to read the manga halfway through though, and it sucked that the movie did not have the uber hot Melo.
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    thX much pilot, i was just going to sleep when i asked and was too tired to stay up and i thought i'd might wake up the next day already forgotten about it

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    this anime is one of my favorite Have you watched smth else?

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    Go over, right-minded a think over

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